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Tokyo Station/Yaechika Shopping Mall

Tokyo, the center of Japan.

There, in the underground shopping mall beneath Tokyo Station, the Chiyoda HAKI-GOKOCHI Yaechika Shopping Mall Branch has newly opened.

Our store, which is also a tax-free retail outlet, is one that also caters to foreign travelers visiting Japan on both business and sightseeing that carries many brand-name sneakers and shoes made in Japan.

Please stop by, we will be waiting for you!

[For Tourists]

Chiyoda Haki-Gokochi is a duty free shop. And customers who buy at least 20,000 yen worth of goods qualify for our delivery service to anywhere in Japan.

[For Business]

As Marunouchi is Japan’s famed business district, we offer a wide range of high-sense, practical footwear for business people of all stripes.

You can also utilize our footwear for urgent business trips.

[For Travel]

Tokyo Station is the gateway to Japan’s railway system.

Did you forget to pick up something before departing?

We offer a diverse range of products for customers of all ages, so that you can be fully prepared for your travels throughout Japan.

[For Ladies]

We offer a wide range of products for the ladies, from pumps to casual footwear.

Let us help you find what you need to stroll about Marunouchi with beauty and confidence. Also, be sure to ask for help if you suffer from foot pain such as hallux valgus.

[Shoe Concierge]

Our shop features a shoe concierge to help you select the ideal fit for your feet and health. All of our staff members are committed to do what it takes to keep your feet comfortable.

(Tokyo Station/Yaechika Shopping Mall)

◆Address: Yaechika Shopping Mall South #1, 2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo,JAPAN 104-0028

◆Phone: 03-3274-6893 (+81-3-3274-6893)

◆Hours: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

◆Floor Map (PDF version)

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